Service Area – Twin Cities and Duluth areas

Twin Cities service area

Duluth – Twin Ports service area

These maps are interactive. To search for any applicable travel fees or to see if MN Pets travels to your area, click on the map above near the city in which you live. To see a specific area more clearly, you can zoom in by using the + and buttons in the lower left hand corner. Additionally, if you prefer, you can make the map area larger by clicking on the square-shaped icon in the upper right-hand corner of the map, which will lead you to another screen with a large version of the map that is also interactive.

This map represents a close approximation of our regional boundaries, which are determined by zip code. If you have a question about what region you are located in, please call (612) 354-8500. Alternatively, you can visit Request a Visit – Twin Cities or Request a Visit – Duluth to enter your zip code (and other services requested) and view an estimate of your total charges.

Twin Cities and Duluth-Twin Ports Regional Travel Fees

Region 1: No Travel Fee (the lightly shaded inner region)

Region 2: $50 (the darker outer region)

Note that appointments are available in western WI on a more limited basis. Please call (612) 354-8500 to check availability.