Losing a pet is never easy.  It can be helpful to read information about many things as you are preparing for and experiencing a loss.  Our veterinarians and support specialists have written the following articles to help you with the information and support you need.

Frank2A Place to Start (When You Don’t Know Where to Start)
By Kristi Lehman, MSW, LISW
This decision is not easy.  In fact, the question of whether to help end your pet’s suffering through euthanasia can be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. So many factors play a role in whether or not euthanasia may be the best option for your pet, and if it is, one of the most significant challenges can be deciding when to say goodbye. Read more.

Frederik2Knowing When It’s Time to Say Goodbye
By Rebecca McComas, DVM Knowing when to make the decision about euthanasia is very difficult for many pet owners. Every situation is unique and yet there are some guidelines that you may find helpful. We’ve prepared this information to help answer your questions about knowing when it’s the right time. Read more.

Felix2What to do before a MN Pets appointment
By Lindsay Niemi
You’ve scheduled the appointment for MN Pets to come to your home to help your pet. This time, be it hours or days, can be a unique way to bond with your pet and perhaps create some good memories. We have compiled a list of suggestions on what to do with your beloved pet during the time before your appointment. Read more.

Max2What to Expect During the Euthanasia Appointment
By Rebecca McComas, DVM
We often hear questions about what to expect during a home euthanasia appointment. After several years of working with pets and families at home, we have a good idea of what works best to bring comfort to the pet and people who are present. Here is what you can expect in general. Read more.

Caspie Lou2Permission to Grieve
By Kristi Lehman MSW, LISW
When we talk to clients facing heart-wrenching decisions, we frequently hear apologies about their tears or distress. I always reply that, of course, it is okay and that there’s no need to apologize. However, my response never seems to do justice to just how acceptable and expected it is for them to be feeling so overwhelmed.  Read more.

Pearl2MN Pets Quality of Life Scale
The team at MN Pets has worked together to compile the most important aspects to consider when thinking about your pet’s end of life decision. We know every pet is unique. Please don’t hesitate to touch base with us to discuss results or anything else you may be seeing. Read more.

booksGrief Role-Modeling
By Kristi Lehman MSW, LISW
For kids of all ages, losing a pet can be a confusing, heartbreaking and scary experience. For many kids, it might even be the first time they have had to grapple with death and grief.  Read more.

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