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12 Days of Christmas: Grief and Self-Care

The holiday season is upon us, and many of us have traditions that we keep alive during the winter months. Whether it be gathering with family and friends, a treasured recipe for comfort food, or quiet nights by the fire … Continue reading

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Winter Memorial Crafts

The holidays and the winter season in general tend to bring a certain sense of peace and togetherness for many.  Perhaps it is the shorter days and longer nights, the time spent with family, or the comfort food that we share … Continue reading

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Cremated ashes in the garden

During the warmer months, many people ask if they can bury all or some of their beloved pet’s cremated ashes into their garden soil.  Memorializing their pet by nourishing their plants, or perhaps planting a specific tree or bush in their pet’s … Continue reading

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Cremation Transportation Services

  When a beloved pet passes away at home, it can be comforting to know your options. Choosing MN Pets for the care of your dear pet’s body means a respectful, compassionate experience every step of the way. One of … Continue reading

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On losing a friend

Chuck was a kitten that I had brought home to foster while working at a local humane society. He was a small, wobbling grey and white cotton ball with legs. His clumsiness was as endearing as his giant blue eyes, … Continue reading

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