Keeping Your Pet Safe After Death

It’s well known that pet loss is one of the most difficult endeavors to navigate so when our furry loved ones pass suddenly, it can leave you feeling even more panic-stricken.

The first thing we want you to know is that everything will be okay. It’s alright that you weren’t able to get your pet help right away, or that you may not have been home. Death can be a natural process – it can be sudden or drawn out and sometimes our pet doesn’t want us to know how they’re feeling which leaves us unable to plan ahead, especially if you’re hoping to coordinate cremation.

If your pet passed away at home and you’re not comfortable moving them right away, that’s okay too. Below are some helpful tips.

  • Make sure your pet is in a cool dry place away from any other animals that may disturb them.
  • If you would like to, wrap your pet or drape them in their favorite blanket or something you can keep with them for their next destination (burial, cremation, etc).
  • If your pet is small enough and you are comfortable with it, they can be placed in a cardboard box or something to contain them and keep them safe.
  • Place them in a freezer or cool storage area if it will be more than a day (and you have the means to do so).

Some families want to spend time with their pet’s body and others simply want their body removed and may not want to be a part of that. There’s no right or wrong way to feel about your pet’s death – do whatever feels right to you and your family and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Again, as long as your pet’s body is in a safe place – there’s no need to disturb them unless you’re comfortable with it. They will be safe until you can coordinate final care.

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