Your Pet’s “Bucket List”

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Do you have a bucket list of things you’d like to do in your lifetime? Lots of people do, but have you ever considered making a bucket list for your pet?

As our pets age and change, it’s easy to fall into a care-taking routine.  However, one of the healthiest parts of an older pet’s day isn’t the food she eats or the medications she’s given – it’s the stimulation, interaction and connections she’s experiencing.

Think about what your pet loves most – the people in his life, the foods he craves, the experiences that wag his tail. Does he love sweets? Include him in a family bonfire night and make him his own (chocolate-less) s’more. Does your indoor cat love to sit in the window and watch the birds fly by? Get a leash and harness and let her enjoy the outdoors with you. Maybe you’ve always wanted to bring your dog to the lake, but never got around to it – add it to the list.

Creating a bucket list can also give you a special way to truly cherish your pet’s final stages of life, and to focus on living each moment to its fullest capacity of life and love. The possibilities are endless, and you may find that this is one to-do list you don’t mind tackling.

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