What is a Clay Print?

Photo credit: Metro Animal Service

Photo credit: Metro Animal Service

Memorial objects are an important way for you to stay connected with the memory of your pet.  They provide comfort during the time of grieving and can take many forms.  You may find comfort from a lock of hair you clip, a whisker saved, or your pet’s bowl or collar.

At MN Pets we offer a free paw print impression made in clay for each of the pets we help with euthanasia.  A paw print is another really nice way of memorializing your pet.

At MN Pets, we use air dry clay due to it’s special qualities.  We like the soft, mold-able nature of the clay as well as the ability to capture the unique lines and markings of your pets paw.  Often we can see the pretty swirls from hair and even bits of dirt picked up from outside.  Like a fingerprint, many of these features are unique to your pet.

The clay weighs about 2 oz. and is a specially formulated, non-toxic modeling compound.  To preserve the impression, the clay is air dried for a few days.  It is meant to be kept indoors and will last for many years.  You might choose to display your pet’s print on a small easel, which can be found at many craft stores, or lay it next to a photo.

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