Creating a Comforting Goodbye for Your Pet

Awaiting your beloved pet’s euthanasia appointment can bring both physical strain and emotional tension to your heart as you contemplate these painful moments ahead. How will you ever be able to say good-bye to your best friend, your family member, your very loyal companion? Although this time is very painful to imagine, we can still make every moment special and valuable for our pet by creating a soothing goodbye through careful planning and preparation.

Planning for your pet’s appointment involves three key elements: having a comforting environment, peaceful personal touches, and carrying on the serenity of your bond together with a heartfelt good-bye. We must always remember that this is not good-bye to our pet forever, for they are always with us in our heart, daily thoughts, words, and actions. While we are sadly saying good-bye to their physical presence, it is beneficial to remember the quality, care, and love that comes into these special appointments at home, along with the priceless gift of pure love we give our pets by taking away their pain. Having an at-home euthanasia carries the ability for private time alone without the stress of a busy veterinary hospital and most importantly, having your pet remain calm in their favorite place among their loved ones.

You are welcome to prepare a comforting place for your pet at home either inside (one’s bed, couch, or their favorite perch) or outside (among the grass, front porch, or simply sitting beneath the golden sun) and can embrace them the whole time. Doctors will always bring the supplies needed at your appointment, so you can focus more on creating a luxurious environment of warmth, soothing music, candles, and flowers near your loved one. Whether you choose to be alone or surrounded by supportive friends and family, keeping your pet cozy at home is such a special gift for them. Adding peaceful personal touches is very unique for your friendship together, such as their favorite toys, fun treats, or soothing blankets. Reading a special story or poem, lighting memory candles, and including your religious or cultural beliefs will create a blissful experience that you will always cherish together. These moments further establish the eternal bond you two will always share and will remain in your heart forever. Please know that our doctors here are very comfortable with these personal touches and will give you privacy as well.

Preparing for your appointment involves pure love, selfless care, and gut-wrenching emotions abound, but focusing on your special good-bye will help heal your heart and soul. Your pet is so lucky to have such a loving family to care for them this way, just as we are so thankful for their love and companionship. As we reflect on the hard decisions of when to schedule this appointment and how to understand our pet’s current quality of life, we must also consider our “ideal” good-bye to be (when, where, and how). Understanding and addressing your pet’s “quality of passing” (along with their quality of life) will further guide you along on when to plan euthanasia. Knowing the differences involved with your pet passing away peacefully at home or through a potentially urgent situation at a veterinary hospital will help you determine what kind of good-bye would be best for both of you. What you must remember is that your best friend will always love you and understand; animals do not reflect on death like we do and just want us to be happy and content- just like them.




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