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A few years ago, I faced terminal diseases with each of our family’s two rescued beagles. We chose to experience the euthanasia of Hiro and Asia at home. Losing our pets was so difficult but being at home made it more peaceful for them and more private and meaningful for us. These experiences convinced me that difficult times could be made easier by offering clients a choice of euthanasia at home and inspired me to create MN Pets.

You will find that home euthanasia is very different from a clinical experience. We have had the honor of helping many people and their beloved pets by supporting them through a pet’s euthanasia in the comforting familiarity of their own home. That first-hand experience has made us uniquely capable of creating a relaxed and meaningful experience for you and your beloved pet. Our goal is to help create positive memories for you and other family members as well as to help provide the most peaceful final moments together for you and your beloved companion.

How are we different?

Our veterinarians have helped thousands of pets right here in Minnesota.  We personally know many of the veterinarians who are your pet’s “regular veterinarian” and have close relationships with many clinics in the Twin Cities.

We focus exclusively on home euthanasia services and do not provide other services.  Our day is scheduled to provide ample time with each pet.  We have unique experience with euthanasia in the home setting and have developed special protocols to ensure comfort and support for pets and family members.

Relaxing Sedative
This medication helps your pet ease slowly into a pain-free, completely relaxed rest. We find that it comforts family members to slow down the process and observe their pet transition from an awake to a sleeping state.

When your pet is sleeping, we administer the medication to painlessly end your pet’s life. It takes effect within a minute or so and quietly slows body functions. There is no conscious awareness of this for your pet. We believe simplicity brings peacefulness and so we don’t bring an assistant or go through placing an IV.

Our compassionate veterinarians have many years of experience in the field of veterinary medicine.  We have all practiced in small animal clinics.  Each of us has chosen to focus our career on helping pets at the end of life. We are able to guide families through the process of euthanasia, answer questions and include family members, including children and other pets in a way that is meaningful for them.

We also employ a licensed family therapist with specific training as a grief counselor and end-of-life issues related to the human-animal bond. She is available to our clients who would like support with end-of-life decision making, grief support, and for families who would like information about how to talk with children about death and dying. She also supports the education of our doctor staff on grief support skills and other topics.

Because Minnesota Pets has four licensed veterinarians we are broadly available to our clients. We have appointments available every day of the week, on weekends, and in the evening, for example. We understand that timing at end-of-life is unpredictable and to that end we do our very best to schedule ‘day of’ appointments when the need is imminent.

Compassion and Comfort
Home is a naturally comfortable, stress-free environment for you and your pet. No travel in the car is necessary and there are no stainless steel tables. There is no trembling, no fear, and no anxiety. We work at a relaxed pace and plan to spend up to an hour at your home. Your pet is comfortably bundled in a cozy blanket for transportation.

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