Until we meet again

I thought it was “goodbye” when you took your last, soft breath. You’d fought a long, good fight, and it was time to rest.

I knew I needed to give you peace, even if it meant relinquishing mine. I knew I needed to help you find comfort, even though it left me inconsolable.

I thought it was goodbye as I held your paw in my palm. I felt your warm, soft fur. I kissed your head, and buried my face in your side, feeling the last, gentle swells of your breathing, until you breathed no more.

I thought I would never be whole again. It felt like a piece of my soul departed with you.

I thought it was “goodbye” that day.

But one spring morning, you came back to me. I ran my hand through the dew-dropped grass and felt your fur, sprinkled with rain after a happy jaunt through a springtime shower.

You returned on a warm summer evening when a soft, distant rumble of thunder echoed across the night. I closed my eyes, and there you were: the slow, rhythmic rumble of you sleeping next to me.

I took a walk one clear autumn day, and you found me again. The sun warmed the October breeze as it caressed my face, and I felt the gentle brush of your sun-warmed fur. You greeted me again in the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet, your happy paws unseen, but dancing next to me.

And when I stepped out on a frigid, winter’s night to gaze into the silence of the falling snow, your cold, wet nose found my unsuspecting hand once more, snowflakes melting into my skin like memories. I shut my eyes tight, and left my hand in the frigid air just a little bit longer, savoring, cherishing.

I know now that it never was “goodbye.” It was only “until we meet again.”

Now, when I look into the waning glow of twilight and see your gentle eyes, I close my own, take a slow deep breath, and smile, for you are there with me. And when the moment passes, and you go on your way once more, I whisper into the wind “until we meet again.”


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3 Responses to Until we meet again

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was so beautiful!! I love this blog. 🙂

  2. Krista says:

    This was so sweet. What a lovely, comforting post.

  3. Margaret Gadbois says:

    Thank you so much! I need to believe I will see my loving dog Telle again some day. This will give me some peace. My Heart is so broken and it’s feels like it will nerver heal. Your writing Until we meet again. This gives me hope! Thank from the bottom of my broken Heart.

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