What life is like now

Long road at sunset.

When your pet dies, everything changes. Your morning routine, your shopping lists, the space in your bed. The void that creeps into your life and the hole you can’t seem to fill in your heart is your new normal. When will it get better? Will it get better? How can I ever bring another pet into my life? Could I have done something more? These are all normal and common thoughts. The answers, however, can be hard to find. You may not be ready for another pet, and that’s okay. If you are ready, you are not replacing your beloved lost dog or cat. The hole they left in your heart will not be fully filled by another furry friend, but rather healed a bit-the edges of that hole will be a little less torn and jagged. Take your time and grieve, cry, yell.

Reach out for support.

You are not alone.

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