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We’d like to welcome you to MN Pets’ website. If you are new to our site, we are happy you’ve found us.  We’ve designed the site to provide you with important information as you face a difficult choice. We are … Continue reading

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Helping Children Cope with Pet Loss

For a downloadable resource on helping kids grieve the loss of a pet, click here: HelpingChildrenCopeFactSheet

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Do We Always Recommend Euthanasia?

  Your pet is a beloved member of your family; he or she shares your home, your daily routine, and maybe even your bed. As our pets age or become ill, it can be difficult to assess their quality of … Continue reading

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Do pets grieve the loss of their animal friends?

  Do pets grieve the loss of their animal friends? Owners of multiple pets know that these furry “siblings” share a special bond with one another. They romp around the backyard and snuggle up together on the couch, but do … Continue reading

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Leaky Plumbing: Dealing with Incontinence in Dogs and Cats

By Katie Anderson Incontinence can be one of the most frustrating conditions that pet owners face. Many elderly, once house-broken dogs and cats develop some form of incontinence, from leaking a small amount of urine when they sleep to being … Continue reading

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Lumps and Bumps in Dogs and Cats

You’re cuddled on the couch, petting your furry friend, and it happens: you feel a lump. Suddenly, your mind is racing with questions. Is it new? Is it growing? And worst of all, is it cancer? Maybe, but maybe not. … Continue reading

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Coping with loss of appetite

By Katie Anderson For many pets and their owners, meal time is an enjoyable experience. Your dog stands by his dish, eagerly wagging his tail in anticipation of food, and your cat begins to purr at the sound of the … Continue reading

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Arthritis in Pets

As your pet ages, you may notice that the easy, graceful movements that were so common have now become more difficult. The lope across the backyard has become a stiff walk, the jump to a favorite couch becomes impossible, and … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dysfunction

By Katie Anderson As our beloved pets grow older, it’s easy to notice the physical changes associated with aging, such as a graying muzzle or moving slower on walks. Mental and behavioral changes may begin more subtly and grow more … Continue reading

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Making a Memory Box

To say that Daisy and I were close is a bit of an understatement. Although my first word was “Mom,” my second was “Daisy,” and my first sentence was “Where did Daisy go?” She was my constant, patient companion as … Continue reading

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