MN Pets Grief Support Email Series

Grief support email series

Losing a beloved companion can be the most painful thing we endure in life.  Many people report that losing a dear animal friend is more difficult that losing their human friend or family member.  It is absolutely true that losing a beloved animal is profoundly difficult, and even traumatic, and the seriousness of such a terrible loss cannot be overstated – it must be taken very seriously if we are to heal.

If you have sustained the crushing heartbreak of losing your animal friend, you know that sometimes our people just don’t get it.  If they have not experienced the closeness of such a human-animal relationship, they often cannot understand why our grief is so profound, so debilitating, and so long lasting.  This type of experience is what is referred to as Disenfranchised Grief, and grievers who have sustained such a loss often find it even more difficult to do the hard work of grieving without adequate support from their communities and loved ones.

MN Pets knows how crucial it is for you to have adequate support as you face the very difficult reality of grieving the loss of your animal loved one.  Our Grief Support Email Series consists of ten emails designed to help educate and support you during this painful time in your life.

I know it is hard to think of it this way, but what if you could begin to think of your grief as a kind of support itself?  Grief is a completely natural phenomena that is built-in to our nature to help us survive a loss that is so injurious to our being that it often does not feel survivable.  Grief is the process that makes it possible for us to go on with life when it seems like we cannot.  It is the thing that both shows us how to let go of something that cannot be regained while also helping us to discover and re-learn what life will be without that singularly loved ONE in it.  For awhile we must live between two worlds – one where we remember what life was like before and the other where we begin to envision what things will be like now.  Grief is the process by which we navigate that painful passage, the thing that allows us to inhabit both of those worlds simultaneously while we heal into a new self and a new world.

Our Grief Support Email Series was created as a means of support for you, but is not meant as a comprehensive care plan.  You may also benefit from considering other forms of support that may include professional one-on-one counseling or attending a pet loss support group.  We also have specially trained support staff available 7 days/week.  There are several 24-hour pet loss hotlines that are available.  You can find more information about all of these support options at  If at any time you feel that your situation is urgent, you can speak with someone at the Crisis Connection 24 hours/7 days a week at (612) 379-6363.

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