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Do We Always Recommend Euthanasia?

I received the nicest card today from a woman whom I’ve never met in person.  Her name is Tedi and she lives in St Louis Park, MN.  She sent me a card with an adorable picture on the front of … Continue reading

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MN Pets Service Area

Recently MN Pets expanded our service area to include most of the outlying suburbs and the extended parts of the seven county Twin Cities communities.  Our doctors also travel to much of western WI. This map highlights our service regions … Continue reading

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Individual Cremation and Your Pet’s Ashes

It is likely very important to you how your pet’s body will be handled after death.  We feel the same way.  Even though the pet is deceased, the body remains as a significant source of connection for many people and … Continue reading

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MN Pets is Different

A few years ago, I faced terminal diseases with each of our family’s two rescued beagles. We chose to experience the euthanasia of Hiro and Asia at home. Losing our pets was so difficult but being at home made it … Continue reading

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Medications We Use

We hear lots of questions about the medications we choose to use.  I am always happy to explain and will try to avoid the overload that can sometimes happen with a lot of medical jargon.  Below is a simple explanation … Continue reading

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A Day Too Late

“I tell all my puppy adopters, one day too early is so much better than one day too late.” Sage advice from a recent client’s mother who was joining us for the appointment of her grown daughter’s beloved cat.  Mom … Continue reading

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Recently Featured on TV News

We were pleased to be recently featured on a television news program about our services.  In the story you can hear from one of our recent clients as she describes her journey of saying goodbye to her beloved dog.  Like … Continue reading

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Laughter Through Tears

As you can imagine, most of our appointments involve a lot of tears and moments of sadness and reflection.  As veterinarians whose careers are devoted to assisting with end-of-life care, this is something we expect and have become very comfortable … Continue reading

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Introducing Dr Jen Gale, MN Pets Veterinarian

Our clients often express the wish to learn a little more about the veterinarian who is coming to visit their home.  Dr Jen Gale has been with MN Pets since 2011 and recently I asked Dr Jen a few questions … Continue reading

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Bandit’s Grief

Every once in a while, something really unusual happens and I feel like I’ve witnessed something extraordinary. One of my patients this week was a lovely black lab mix named Indy who had reached the end of her journey with … Continue reading

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